Red Star Railway's Comments

20 October 2018

Dear Friends --

Time sneaks up upon all of us, and especially on me. Here's an update on my activities.

Production: for several months, I've been working through realllyyyy old orders for HO scale diesels, notably 3TE10U. To date I have shipped one set (to a client in Denmark), and I'm currently working on the next set (for a client in Australia). After that, there will be three more sets. The body shells and underframes for these are already built. I hope to complete them in good time.

Once these are finished, I must -- with great regret -- suspend production of 2TE10U and 3TE10U models. The reason is simple: supplies of the commercial mechanisms I use has dried up, and I am unable to secure new supplies as easily as I could in the past.

Oh, yeah, I will keep looking for supplies! But I can no longer attend The Great Scale Model Train Show in Timonium (Baltimore), Maryland. The Timonium show has always been a rich source of out-of-production mechanisms, at the kind of prices which have helped me keep prices down for my clients. However, my wife's mobility has deteriorated. Also, her sister -- a retired nurse -- has moved away, so she's no longer available to help when/if my wife falls.

So I can no longer "do" Timonium. I have to be here.

Do I miss Timonium? Hell, yes! I attended the show for eleven years, and I loved every minute. I even dream about the smell of the Cow Palace on Friday nights before the show. But that's gone.

I will keep searching for suitable mechanisms to make further 2TE10U/3TE10U models, but it will take longer.

Until I find these mechanisms, I will work on other projects -- HO coaches, N scale freight cars. Hopefully, it all contributes to Russian-prototype modelling.

I promise to keep you informed.

Back to work.

Best wishes,