Red Star Railway's Comments

Date: 24 November 2019

Subject: Thank You

Dear Friends,

To all of you who have contacted me, via what ever means, to express your condolences, sympathies, and support since the passing of my late wife LaDon: thank you. Your expressions have been a powerful source of strength and consolation for me, and I am deeply grateful.

So what comes now? I am rapidly learning in wrenchingly personal terms that what comes next is and for a long time will be the hardest part of all: simply stated, living.

Taking care of the daily details. Doing what has to be done every day. Keeping up the brand-new (literally) apartment we too briefly shared until LaDon's passing. Maintaining The Beast (our 2014 KIA Soul). Even stupid little things like taking out the trash. And, of course, caring for Mimi our Boston Terrier, who also misses Mama terribly. It's just the two of us now until this journey ends, after all. We shall take that journey together. And we shall take joy in it together, we did with LaDon.

Again, thank you all.

Chris White