Red Star Railway's Comments

31 July 2018

Dear Friends --


The past week has been a roller coaster for fans of Russian railways.

First, understand: every day I check Dimitry Zinoviev's magnificent Russian railway website, For years, it has been my go-to source for information on all things Russian railway.

Then, one day last week, I tried to check All I got was the notice "404 -- Unable to connect to site." Too often, this means that the site is gone. Kaput. Forever.

My first reaction was to go on a five-day drunk -- to mourn the passing of the finest and most essential website about Russian railways ever created. And no wonder!

But then one time when I checked the URL, the reply was in Russian. When I first read it, I felt hope for the future of The notice stated that the site was being moved to a new, super, faster server.

So I held my breath. And I checked every day. Actually, and to be honest, several times a day. After all, I really want back again.

And today it happened. It's back again --

Okay. Now I'm considering going on a five-day drunk -- this time to celebrate (in my way) the return of

Dmitry, thank you.

Kindest regards,

Chris White
The Artist Formerly Known As Red Star Railways