Red Star Railway's Comments

20 March 2019

Dear Friends --

Okay. It's 0125 hrs, and I can't sleep. That's nothing new. So I'm here in my studio, watching CNN. Nothing new about that, either. So what's the big deal? The big deal -- and for me, it really is a big deal -- is Ana Navarro.

For those of you who haven't heard of Ana Navarro, allow me to provide a thumbnail sketch. Ana Navarro is a Republican strategist, and a frequently-seen "talking head" on CNN. Since the election of the Monster currently occupying the Oval Office, she has been a constant and consistent critic of this chief executive from her party -- a steady voice of decency and civility. The kind of person who would make my deceased parents, life-long Republicans, proud.

Now we have the Monster demeaning the late Senator John McCain. Okay, let's get real about John McCain. He wasn't perfect. But when the rubber hit the road, he came through. In spades.

But more than half a year after McCain's death, the Monster is out there demeaning Sen. McCain's memory.

Then came Ana Navarro.

When I woke up in the middle of the night and dialed up CNN, I was jolted awake by Ana Navarro taking on a Republican hack (a male, I might note) who was trying to justify the Monster's diatribe against John McCain. To put it baldly, Ana chewed this guy a new ass. Which the guy deserved.

Ana Navarro, God bless you. And thank you for having the integrity to restore to the political party of my parents a good measure of the decency they always associated with being Republicans.

Enough. Maybe I can sleep now.

15 March 2019

Dear Friends and Valued Colleagues --

Okay, I'm going back to some old habits from my Red Star Railways days. However, evil times and evil acts prompt me to post a comment.

I am referring, of course, to the horrific killings of forty-nine people who were attending Friday services in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. My daughter did her student teaching in New Zealand under a cooperative program with her university here in the states, and she was deeply impressed with how open, tolerant, and non-violent that country was. Now, this. It's terrible.

I think the thing that troubles me most is that the current president of my country -- I refuse to dignify him by mentioning his name -- contributed to the motivations of the individual who committed these atrocities.

Once again, I am ashamed of the leader of my country. And I send my sincere sympathies to the wonderful people of New Zealand -- of all faiths.


Chris White