Red Star Railway's Comments

15 February 2020

Subject: No, I Am Not Quitting!

Dear Friends --

After receiving several emails in response to my previous comment (now deleted!) observing the twenty-seventh anniversary of the date I made the decision to devote the remainder of my life to studying, modelling, and encouraging interest in the former Soviet Railways. The wording of my previous comment was poor -- a number of readers assumed I was going to cease producing Russian-prototype railway models
for sale.

Hear me now: I am NOT ceasing production of Russian-prototype railway models.

It won't be like the old days (2000-2016), when I could buy parts and supplies wholesale and when valued sources of parts and materials were still in business (think IHC/AHM in the USA and Mashima can motors). It's difficult to find AHM and IHC mechanisms and parts. But it can be done.

So, as the old radio hosts used to say, "Stay tuned." And I shall get back to work.

Best wishes,