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The demise of the Soviet Union coincided with the rise of the Interney. Try these sites for ex-USSR railway information!

Part of the web site STEAM ENGINE IS, this "don't miss" site has loads of photos of locos, rollingstock, stations, etc.

This mega-site has photos from ALL European railway administrations. Don't forget to check Lativa, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Photos of stations, bridges, equipment, and scenery from Moscow to Vladivostok. Contemporary and archival stuff.

This prototype for the DR Class 130/132 was the Soviet TE109. TE109s in Russia worked mainly in industrial service -- but recently the historic TE109 and twin-unit 2TE109 prototypes were sold to Germany! Check out these photos, and modify a PIKO 130 Class (see Specials).

Baltic Narrow Gauge from
Three Stars Productions
VHS or DVD, in NTSC or PAL Format

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Russian Railway Ring Member

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