Redstar railways
Red Star Railways is proud to bring you HO scale models of Russian railway equipment from:

NClubRSR N scale Russian-prototype models

PassazhirRSR Russian passenger cars that I make here

Alumilite Resin casting products and supplies

KubikiRSR HO scale modular parts you can use to make background models of Soviet-era apartment buildings.

ZAVOD1 2TE10U and TEM2 Diesel Locomotives -- Russian Prototype, HO scale Models made in USA

PROLETARIAN SERIES Models made by Red Star Railways' owner for his own layout, now being shared with friends and customers.

SPECIALS -- useful stuff we find for you!

Baltic Narrow Gauge from
Three Stars Productions
VHS or DVD, in NTSC or PAL Format

(Russian) Railway Ring  Member
Russian Railway Ring Member

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