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Last Updated - 02 July 2020

That Was Then

Welcome, Friends!

Yes, that‘s me in the photo above. I‘m sitting at my work table (my late father‘s drafting table). For seventeen years, I owned and operated Red Star Railways, specialist in Russian-prototype railway models. First, I imported Russian-prototype models from abroad; later, I produced models on this work table. Many, many models.

I loved it, every minute, but time changes all things. I‘m Old now. My wife and I have to deal with health issues. Also, the model railway business has changed. Old, valued sources of parts and materials have disappeared (notably, for me, AHM/IHC in the United States and Mashima motors in Japan), and the model railway business has become Corporate with a capital “C”.

With regret, it was time to wrap up Red Star Railways.

However, I‘m old, but I‘m not senile – not yet, anyway. I‘ll design and build models of Russian trains until I die, and I have all this tooling for the models I designed during the Red Star Railways era. I‘m not going to build another layout, so what am I going to do with the models I build?

Well, duuh – I‘ll sell them. How‘s that for a no-brainer? This website will allow you to check on what I‘m doing, so here is how it‘s going to work.

This is Now

The key is the News and Comments page, which you can access via the button below the photo above. This page works in the same way as the old “Red Star Comments” page. When I have made some models, I‘ll announce it here. When I want to let you know what I‘m up to, I‘ll do so here. And when I feel the urge to comment about something in our insane world, I‘ll do so here. Just like the old days, right?

Now scroll down this site, and you‘ll see photos of the models I‘ve designed over the years. Obviously, I still have all the tooling for these models. These photos are there as references, so you‘ll know what models I‘ve designed and what they look like. These photos do NOT denote that I have any or all of these models on hand or in stock – I‘m not going to maintain any inventory of finished models. Just check the “News & Comments” page from time to time. If you see information about a model that sounds interesting, scroll down and see what it looks like. And if you‘re interested, contact me. Just as in the past, I‘ll send you photos of your finished models before we do a deal, so just as in the past your money is never at risk.

You‘ll note that I have posted prices as “target prices.” This is not evasive, it‘s honest. Since I‘m not in business any more, I can no longer source parts and supplies in wholesale quantities or at wholesale prices. I do my best to track down good deals, but the cost of parts and materials is subject to change. Again, as in the past, I will always send photos and prices before money changes hands, so your money is never at risk.

HO Locomotives

2TE10U Two-Section Diesel Locomotive – Target price US$155.00


Body shell and underframe are assembled from resin castings of my own design, so if there are errors they are my responsibility. One section powered and one section non-powered. AHM/IHC bogies, IHC motor, A-Line brass flywheel. Couplings: NEM hooks or Kadee-compatible. No DCC plug or lights, but all wiring accessible.

3TE10U Three-Section Diesel locomotive – Target price US$235.00


Specifications as for 2TE10U above, except three sections. One end section (A) and center section (V) powered, third section (B) non-powered.

EM2 Heavy Shunter – Target Price US$150.00


Body shell and underframe are assembled from resin castings of my own design, based upon plans and my observations. Power bogies from AHM/IHC, plus can motor, with single brass flywheel and linkage from A-Line. No lights or DCC, but all wiring is easily assessible. Since I introduced this model in 2004 during the Red Star Railways era I have made parts to produce the Polish SM48, Cuban TEM4, and many other variants.

HO Passenger Carriages

During the Red Star Railways era, I sold these HO scale Russian passenger carriages under the PassazhirRSR marque. Now as then, body shells are assembled from resin castings of my design. Bogies roll on RP25 wheelsets or NEM wheelsets. The excellent close-couplings are from the British firm Keen Systems, and can be equipped with any NEM plug-in coupling.

Standard Baggage – Target Price US$34.00

Standard baggage car with dormitory at one end

Baggage-Dormitory – Target Price US$36.00

Baggage with dormitory accommodation at both ends for crew members.

Postal Car – Target Price US$38.00

Specifications as above.

Restaurant Car – Target Price US$44.00

Specifications as above.

Kupeiniy Sleeping Car with Old-Style Vents – Target Price US$40.00

Specifications as above.

Kupeiniy Sleeping Car with Torpedo Vents – Target Price US$40.00

Specifications as above.

Platskartniyi Coach with Old-Style Roof Vents – Target Price US$40.00

Specifications as above.

Platskartniyi Coach with New Roof Vents – Target Price US$40.00

Specifications as above.

HO Wagons

12-119 Open Wagon – Target Price US$20.00

Body shells assembled from resin castings. Bogies sourced from closest American equivalent I can find to Soviet/Russian Type 100 bogies. Unlike the old Proletarian Series models, basic brake detail is provided on underframe. Couplings can be Kadee-equivalent body-mounts or in NEM-box-equivalent coupler pockets.

12-132 Open Wagon – Target Price US$20.00

Specifications as per 12-119.

12P-152 6-Axle Open Wagons – Target Price US$25

Body shells assembled from resin castings. Bogies modified from Athearn Buckeye bogies, when available. Couplings as per 12-119 and 12-132.
N Wagons

12-119 Open Wagon – Target Price US$16.00

Body shells assembled from resin parts. Basic brake detail is provided. Bogies from commercial vendors, normally Atlas (subject to change).

12-753 Open Wagon – Target Price US$16.00

Photo Coming Soon
Specifications as for 12-119 open wagon above.

11-740 Covered Hopper Wagon – Target Price US$24.00

Specifications as per 12-119 above, but there are more castings and details, the body is assembled around a central core block, and assembly is more involved. However, I really like the end result!

11-260 Box Van – Target Price US$22.00

Specifications as per N models above, plus some added details.

11-270 Box Van – Target Price US$22.00

Specifications as per 11-260 Box Van above.

11-280 Box Van – Target Price US$22.00

Specifications as per 11-260 Box Van above.
HO Structure Parts
Platform Parts
Okay, these are NOT kits. These are scratchbuilding parts which allow you to assemble a Soviet-era station platform to the length you desire. There are two parts: the platform surface slabs (which are pretty beaten up), and the platform supports. If you want to make a passenger platform on your model railway, just buy as many supports and platform slabs as you need. I‘ll be happy to work with you to determine how manyof each part you‘ll need.

Prices: platform surface slabs US$1.50 each; platform supports US$0.50 each.

Again, these are not kits. They are scratchbuilding aids which help you create a low-relief model of a Soviet-era apartment building.

DescriptionCost DescriptionCost
Left CornerUS$0.50 Right CornerUS$0.50
Left WallUS$0.75 Right WallUS$0.75
Center WallUS$1.50 BalconyUS$2.00
Balcony RailingUS$0.25  US$0.75

Alumilite Casting Materials

I used Alumilite RTV mold rubber and urethane casting resin long before I used their products to produce models under the Red Star Railways name, and I became an Alumilite dealer when I was in business. When announced that Red Star Railways was going out of business, numerous clients – primarily overseas – pleaded with me to find a way to remain an Alumilite dealer. And Alumilite said “Yes.” So I‘m still an Alumilite dealer.

I‘ll be happy to help you procure Alumilite products. However, I‘ve imposed certain limits upon myself. If potential clients are within range of an Alumilite dealer here in the United States, I‘ll refer you to that dealer. I‘ll be damned if I want to undercut any brick-and-mortar hobby shop here in the USA.

For information on Alumilite products, I can do no better than to refer you to the most excellent Alumilite Corporation website at If they have it, I can get it – subject to the conditions above. Fair enough?


Things have changed since I first included the Links page on the old Red Star Railways website. Back in 2000, search engines weren‘t what they are today, and finding and sharing URLs was a lot more cumbersome. These days, it‘s super-easy. So why do I want to share some websites with you?

Mainly, it‘s to say “Thank You.”

So let‘s go.

Chris White‘s Prokhorovsk layout –

My friend Eugene Kushnir created this website about my old model railway layout “Prokhorovsk”. Prokhorovsk has been gone for a long time, but I hope Eugene‘s website preserves it on the web. Thanks, Zh. K.

Dmitry Zinoviev‘s

This is the King Kong of Russian-railway websites. It‘s awesome. Abundant links, three overwhelming photo galleries, amazing information. All I can say is: thanks, Dmitry.

Euro Train Hobby

Owned and operated by my friend George Sherbin, Euro Train Hobby brings the more unusual European models to the United States. Check it out, he has
cool stuff.


Website: (okay, it‘s the same URL – deal with it)


Snail Mail: contact me for address

Phone: 302.264.9853

Cell: 302-270-2491

And that‘s all I have to say.


First, and most important: I will not change my policy about accepting money. I will NOT accept any payment, in any form, until I have sent the purchaser photos of the models ordered, and secure the purchaser‘s approval. That‘s only fair, and this way the purchaser‘s money is never at risk.

Payment: this is a new era (for me, anyway). I‘ll no longer accept credit cards, so let‘s review the available options.

Domestic clients (within the USA): I will accept domestic checks, money orders, PayPal, bank transfer, or Western Union.

Overseas clients: PayPal, Western Union, or bank transfer.